Automatic Vs. Manual Transmission CarsDecember 18, 2015February 26, 2017Nolan Ryan

There are two different types of cars; the automatic and the manually operated cars. These cars are different in terms of their designs and also mode of operation. One focuses on using the shift stick while the other one is in designing to change the gears automatically.

Manual cars – pros and cons

When you are joining the manual driving instructor in Perth, you will have to decide between the two types. The manual cars usually come with a manually operated gear box. This means that you have to master the art of shifting the gears on different terrains. The cars are quite engaging, but once you master the art, they can be quite fun to drive. There are some pros associated with these cars;

  • Better control – The cars have a far better control as compared to the automatic ones. The automatic transmission always tends to lose an engine power when on different terrains this because the car changes the gear itself. With the manually operated vehicle, you will be able to control the shifting of the car when on different terrain.
  • Confuses the car thieves – Many of the cars that are being designed today are the automatic cars. This means that the manual cars are less likely to be stolen because there is no ready market compare with their automatic cars. The other reason is that the manual cars require one to master the art of driving.
  • Fuel efficiency – The manual cars are weighing less and they are less complex. This means that you will cover more kilometers with the fuel you have compared to the automatic cars.

Automatic cars

They are called automatic because the gear is ‘self controlled’. That means that the car will change the gear on its own when on different terrain.

  • Easy to drive – Anyone can drive these automatic cars. All you will be required to do is know how to control the steering.
  • They are suitable for the new drivers – The cars are less demanding as you won’t have to change the gears. With this freedom, you will be able to focus on how to control the car.
  • Easy to use on traffic – With these automatic cars, you will not have to keep on changing the gear or the pedals.

Which one is better

The answer to this question lies solely with you the driver. You will need to decide on the type of car you are comfortable with. One thing that you have to know, when you learn about the manually operated cars you can always make the transition from manual to automatic. You cannot change from automatic to manual without going back to driving lessons at Cannington It is thus important for you to make informed decisions.