Career Opportunities In Tourism And Hospitality ManagementSeptember 23, 2015February 26, 2017Nolan Ryan

The professionals, who build their career in tourism and hospitality management, give valuable services to all travelers with additional attractive discounts to them. Generally travel agents arrange tours, accommodations, flights and car rentals for travelers. They also provide important details about visas, passports and vaccination certificates to clients in case of any complication. The professionals of Hospitality management do marketing, hire staff, ensure proper maintenance and set schedules for their clients. They must resolve customer complaints and as well as maintain profitability.

There is enough opportunity to make a bright career in tourism and hospitality
Apart from making career in tourism, the individuals who prefer are interested in tourism, may study food service management and degree courses. Career opportunities in Hospitality management are very wide. They often pursue career as assistant managers or general managers. Generally higher diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management require at least bachelor’s degree of science. Vocational schools offer various programs of travel jobs and training program of travel agent. Many community colleges and Public Audit education programs offer various certification courses of tourism and Hospitality management. Knowledge of foreign languages, business and history also enhance the career opportunities in tourism. The travel agents get extensive discounts on their personal travel to many places and sometimes free of cost. Hospitality managers also receive discounts in hotel rooms, spa treatment etc.

Are there any drawbacks in tourism and hospitality?
The main drawback of tourism is its less popularity as now most of the people like to book their tours online. Again, the work of hospitality management includes not only long hours, but also weekends and evening shifts. So, the scope of higher diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management has been decreasing. Both these careers are full of stress and pressure.

You have still enough scopes before you
The main difference between tourism and hospitality management is the future career outlook of an individual. You can work in any national park, museum with tourism degree or you can start your own tour company. With a hospitality degree you will get the opportunity to work in resorts, hotels and motels. Tourism degree learns how to satisfy customers while travelling. Most of the tourism students get jobs as representatives of travel companies and others work as tour guides and travel agents. The students of Hospitality degree learn food preparation, food sanitation, human resources and ordering. They get jobs in five star resorts as managers or assistant managers. Only service providing is not sufficient, smile on faces is also necessary to satisfy customers. Before deciding the right degree course for you, future goals should be analyzed.