Learning Has No Beginning Or EndingJuly 4, 2016December 18, 2017Nolan Ryan

Learning is a step by step growth for a person, and it is a lifelong process. We learn through our five senses. Learning could be both formal and non-formal. What we learn from our experience is non-formal and what we learn from institutions like schools or universities is the formal form of learning. As a little baby be mainly learn by touching, listening, and seeing. First we learn who our parents and immediate family is, then we gradually recognize relatives and friends. In the meantime we also learn to walk, talk and behave. Whatever we learn is stored in our mind. Then we start adopting behavior from our parents by studying what they do. Gradually we will be able to do little things on our own, like walking, eating, playing etc.

Formal learningWhen we reach an age of understanding, we are sent to primary school where we start the formal learning process. Here learn basic lessons like Math, science, language and so on. In primary school we learn to do more things on our own and prepare for the next level in life. Next we go to secondary school here we are able to choose what we like and go forth in a path we like to go. Sometimes in developing countries not everyone who went to primary school are able to go to secondary school due to economic reasons. There are different secondary schools which help children to pursue their education in these countries. There are secondary schools which run on charity and DSS Secondary Schools which are able to provide scholarships for students. Next we step into tertiary or higher education. This is the professional learning which you choose in order to continue with a career. 

Informal learning Our learning does not end with the formal learning process. As we choose our career we start learning from our experiences. We learn many things from our culture, religion, and other institutions throughout our lives. While we grow we realize some truths and unlearn the things we learnt previously. We learn from those around us and from our own experiences. We never stop learning in our lives. We mature by what we learn. The more we learn the more understanding and insight we receive about things around us. Whatever we experience or see, trying to study the situation will make us wise and mature. Many believe that it is formal education is what gives intelligence, but it is the experience and level of understanding we have is what makes us truly intelligent. It is important that we understand this in life and be ready to learn at all times.